For Trick-or-Treaters

Pumpkin Polka Trick-or-Treat!
Sunnyland Neighborhood
Look for the polka-dotted pumpkins at participating homes!
(maps will be available online and in stores by Wednesday, October 28)

Pumpkin Logo-01

Come to the Sunnyland neighborhood for a gentle and inclusive night of trick-or-treating! This event is open to all children and is especially welcome to children with disabilities.

A map will be available identifying participating homes.  These homes will also display a polka-dotted pumpkin in the window or on the porch!

Homes participating in the Pumpkin Polka Trick-or-Treat will be providing a warm welcome by:

-Handing out toys/stickers instead of candy

-Not posting any large or spooky decorations, flashing lights, or loud music.

-Keeping dogs and other animals that may overwhelm children away from the front door.

-Refraining from asking children to say “trick or treat”

-Turning on front porch lights and clearing their porch from tripping hazards

-Identifying on the map if their home is accessible to children with mobility challenges or if they will come to the bottom of their steps to greet trick-or-treaters