Become a Host

Joining the Pumpkin Polka Trick-or-Treat is easy and helps provide children with a gentle and inclusive trick-or-treating experience!

To participate:

  1. Read the following guidelines and tips
  2. Fill out the online form
  3. Your home will be identified on a Pumpkin Polka Trick-or-Treat map available online and in local stores
  4. We will deliver a polka-dotted pumpkin to your front porch on Thursday, October 29 to let our trick-or-treaters know they are welcome at your home!
Sign-up now! To ensure you are providing children with a gentle and inclusive experience, please follow the follow guidelines:

  • Hand out toys/stickers instead of candy
  • Don’t post any large or spooky decorations, flashing lights, or loud music.
  • Keep dogs and other animals that may overwhelm children away from the front door.
  • Refrain from asking children to say “trick or treat”
  • Turn on front porch lights and clear your porch from tripping hazards
  • Put your polka-dotted pumpkin somewhere that trick-or-treaters can see it from the sidewalk
  • All homes must be located in the Sunnyland neighborhood!

Please understand that children with disabilities (and many others!):

  • May not make eye contact, say “trick or treat”, or “thank you”
  • May have difficulty grasping a toy or (grasping just one toy)
  • May not feel comfortable wearing a costume and will trick-or-treat in their street clothes
  • May have difficulty walking up steps
  • May become very excited, overwhelmed, or anxious
  • May have overcome a great challenge just by making it to your front door, so please make them feel welcome!