About the Pumpkin Polka

Pumpkin Polka Maps now available here and at the Cornwall Corner Store (2230 Cornwall Ave.)!!

Pumpkin Polka Trick-or-Treat!

Sunnyland Neighborhood 
Look for the polka-dotted pumpkins at participating homes!
(maps will be available online and in stores by Wednesday, October 28)


The Pumpkin Polka Trick-or-Treat welcomes all children, especially those with disabilities, to a gentle and inclusive evening of fun!

For children with disabilities, Halloween can be a difficult holiday.  Kids with sensory processing disorder, autism spectrum disorder, mobility challenges, food allergies, and other disabilities may find it hard to participate in trick-or-treating.  Putting on a costume, talking to strangers, and seeing scary decorations can be anxiety-inducing or uncomfortable.  Candy cannot always be enjoyed by children who have food allergies or eat with a feeding tube.  Some may be unable to walk up front porch steps.  And for many kids, the “spooky” parts of Halloween are just too overwhelming.

As the parents of a child with disabilities, we believe that inclusive spaces are an essential part of any truly integrated, healthy community.  While we’re often striving to meet the basic needs of children with disabilities, it is also essential to provide fun, memorable experiences where their unique needs are put first!

-Jenn and Mike

2014-10-31 21.27.22
Luella as Rosie the Riveter, Halloween 2014